Our local and state representatives have failed us.  Our communities in Spokane, WA have become unaffordable, unsafe, and unfree.  I believe you and your family deserve to live in a community where rents and property prices are in-line with incomes, where you can enjoy our wonderful Spokane communities without fear of becoming a victim of crime or harassment, and where your children can receive a quality education free of political spin and agenda-driven curriculum.

I’m Natalie Poulson.  I’m a mother, a teacher, an advocate.  I’m running to be your next State Representative in Washington House District 3 because I believe Washington’s best days are ahead of us and I’d appreciate your support.




Before Spokane can ever hope to be a prosperous community we must first be determined to be a safe community. That's why I support our first responders--to include medical and fire--and our law enforcement officers. Violence and property crime are out of control. Now is not the time to restrict our law enforcement's ability to keep our communities safe.
As your next State Representative I will work hard to Refund the Police.
Public Safety also means defending your Constitutional rights to self-defense. I will oppose any effort to restrict your rights to defend your property and your family.


The pathway to prosperity and stability in our community is through education--whether pursuing a college degree, attending a vocational school, or doing it the old-fashion way through on-the-job training, education is the master key to success. As a teacher for almost two decades, I am passionate about my students' well-being. The Federal Department of Education is failing our children because for the last 40 years they've focused more on using our children as social experiments than on educating our children in the fundamentals of math, science, reading, writing, literature, history, finance, and technology. Worse yet, they've usurped the roles of parents and politicized the process of education.


Managing the public budget is not unlike how you manage your business and personal finances. Washington State must rein in reckless spending on never-ending pet projects in the Puget Sound area, unnecessary programs, and bloated government departments that produce substandard results and don't support the public good. When our state government spends less it can tax less. After all, the money you work hard for every day belongs to you, not an unaccountable public servant.
I will work to reduce spending, lower taxes, and bring our share of the state's budget back home to Spokane.